Strategic Planning

Strategy development

You are in the process of preparing for the launch of your new product or you plan to change the strategy. We can help you! We have prepared several launches and have relaunched a product successfully. The launches created a new market for a rare disease product resulting in remaining the #1 product with competition coming to the market. For the relaunch a turnaround was achieved achieving an 8% growth instead of a steady decline in the years before.

Our process includes a very thorough analysis of the competition, in-depth analysis of the own product, review and very close collaboration with your team and after extensive tests present the winning strategy. Your goals are our goals and we want to work with your team.

You have the choice, we can hand the final strategy and action plan to your team for their implementation. Alternatively we are there to step in if your team is missing resources to implement the agreed plan and want to help your team working side-by-side with your team.

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Business Planning

K & A Schaefer Consulting provides support with your business planning, whether you do not have the time or do not now how to prepare your business plan. We want to make your business plan successful and follow a clear path:

1. Define the scope 1 day

Meeting between our company and your team

In the meeting, we discuss your business idea. We collect the information about the market environment; want to understand what makes your product or service unique. Other aspects that we need to understand are, who are your customers, can you segment your target groups? And how do you get in touch with your future customers? How much money do you need in the start-up phase and how do finance those costs?

2. Gathering phase 2-3 weeks

After the meeting with your team, the work for us really begins by collecting missing information. Based on the existing information, we will prepare a first draft of the business plan.

3. Review 1 day

K & A Schaefer Consulting meets with the team again and presents the draft of the business plan. Goal of the meeting is:

a) Get feedback, whether the purpose of the business was correctly understood.

b) Decide on additional topics that should be included in the business plan. 

4. Finalization of business plan 1 week

We include the feedback into the draft of the business plan. The final business plan will be presented to the team.