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Have you ever had the situation that the leadership in you company requested a presentation and you thought “If I had immediate access to a trend for our product ASP/ASP+6% pricing  and all the direct competitors to explain the market situation to the executive leadership” or “ How do I get quickly a snapshot of the price situation in the market?” 

K & A Schaefer Consulting can help with those requests. We have developed a database based on the CMS ASP+6% data, which are published on a quarterly basis. At the current point of time data from Q1 2011 to today. Talk to us about your individual needs to find the specific solution for you.

As standard solution, we offer an annual subscription for the quarterly delivery of 8 quarter (2 full years) of data for your market segment. These data allow you to understand whether the pricing has increased as significantly as government and health insurer usually claim and find arguments for your discussion. The analysis may also help you in your pricing strategy if you launch a new product and need to forecast what you will be able to achieve in the market.

We are here to help you and your team succeed in the market place, contact us (Link to Contact us form) for a discussion about your needs.